The War of the Worlds Gifts

H.G. Well's seminal work, The War of the Worlds, is celebrated with our beautiful literary design.

The War of the Worlds

Step into the world of H.G. Wells with our distinctive collection inspired by The War of the Worlds. Each handbag, purse, wallet, and tote bag showcases the extraordinary elements of this groundbreaking science fiction novel. These extraordinary accessories make an ideal gift for sci-fi enthusiasts or an exciting addition to your own collection.

Tote Bags

Express your passion for The War of the Worlds with our durable, weather-resistant tote bags. Not only do they cater to your everyday needs, but they also capture the suspenseful spirit of H.G. Wells's iconic novel.

Boasting the design of Martian tripods against a London skyline, these tote bags are sure to attract attention. Whether for a day out or a bookstore visit, these bookish tote bags make the perfect companion for those who love to carry the thrill of classic sci-fi with them.

Purses / Wallets

Celebrate the awe-inspiring universe of H.G. Wells with our War of the Worlds wallets. Designed for practical use while showcasing your love for timeless literature, these wallets offer an organized space for your cards and cash.

Featuring Martian tripods over London and a snippet of the mysterious quote from the novel, these wallets are a must-have piece for any fan of the iconic science fiction tale, adding a touch of literary intrigue to your everyday essentials.

Crossbody Handbags

Our War of the Worlds crossbody handbags, designed to resemble an actual book, are a must-have for fans of H.G. Wells. The bag depicts Martian tripods towering over the London skyline, set against a deep red background, encapsulating the iconic imagery of the novel.

The back of the bag bears the intriguing quote: 'No one would have believed…,' which perfectly echoes the suspenseful and speculative nature of the narrative. Both robust and visually striking, these bags serve as a standout accessory, infusing a touch of classic sci-fi into your outfit.