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Celebrate your love for George Orwell's 1984 with this eye-catching red and yellow design, a must-have for any bookworm. 


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1984 Book Tote Bag
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Step into the dystopian world of George Orwell with our unique collection inspired by 1984. Each handbag, purse, wallet, and tote bag in this collection symbolizes the chilling themes and thought-provoking ideas of this timeless classic. These accessories make a perfect gift for fans of Orwell's works or an intriguing addition to your own collection.

Tote Bags

Express your admiration for 1984 with our durable, weather-resistant tote bags. They not only fulfill your everyday needs but also embody the spirit of Orwell's dystopian masterpiece.

Featuring the powerful image of Big Brother's eye set against a vivid backdrop, these tote bags are sure to command attention. Ideal for a day out or a visit to a bookstore, these bookish tote bags are the perfect companion for those who carry the spirit of 1984 in their hearts.

Purses / Wallets

Celebrate the spirit of George Orwell with our 1984 wallets. These wallets combine functionality with a potent symbol of dystopia, providing a handy space for your cards and cash while showcasing your appreciation for Orwell's prophetic literature.

Adorned with the image of Big Brother's eye and a snippet of the chilling quote from the book, these wallets are a must-have piece for any fan of Orwell, adding a touch of literary gravity to your everyday essentials.

Crossbody Handbags

Our 1984 crossbody handbags are designed to resemble the actual book, making them a must-have for fans of Orwell's iconic novel. The bag showcases a striking red and yellow background with a large eye image in the middle, symbolizing Big Brother's omnipresent surveillance.

The back of the bag carries the haunting quote: 'Big brother is watching you,' reminding us of Orwell's critique of totalitarian regimes. Both sturdy and aesthetically intriguing, these bags make a provocative statement, adding a touch of dark academia to any attire.