Best Books Coming Out in 2023

Best Books Coming Out in 2023

We take a look at the four most highly-anticipated books coming out in 2023. You’ll want to make a note of all of these in your TBR list! 

Weyward - Emilia Hart
February 2

In 2019, Kate flees from her abusive relationship in London for Weyward Cottage, left to her by her eccentric Aunt Violet in a remote Cumbrian village. There she discovers a secret that has haunted her family for generations, that her ancestor Altha Weyward was put on trial for witchcraft. This novel looks at how violence towards women can echo over centuries, the passage of trauma and the strength of female resilience. 

Hello Beautiful - Anna Napolitano
March 14

A deeply-layered, melancholy book which asks the question: can love make a broken person whole? William Waters’s parents can barely look at him, let alone love him, after a family tragedy splintered their lives years before. But when he meets Julia Padavano at college, he is enfolded into the lively and close-knit Padavano family and finally finds a place of acceptance. But will his past tragedies threaten to destroy his place in his new-found family? 

Homecoming - Kate Morton
April 13

A thrilling new offering from Kate Morton, her first book in four years. Homecoming follows Jess who travels from London to Sydney to take care of her ailing grandmother. In her grandmother’s house he discovers an old journal detailing a notorious murder in 1959, which has some startingly connections to Jess’s own family history. Drenched in family history and full of white-knuckle suspense, this is Morton at her finest. 

Yellowface - R.F. Kuang 
May 25 

A darkly funny literary thriller from the New York Times about two best friends who dream of becoming authors. One finds success, and the other does not - but what lengths would she go to to steal her friend’s fame? Yellowface takes a bold look at questions of cultural appropriation, erasure of Asian-American voices and the jealousy that can exist within intense friendships. A must-read for 2023.

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